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Experiment with chalks by Grumpy-Lion
Experiment with chalks
I spent a day with a friend of mine and I was boring.
Then I realized that he has a blackboard in his bedroom so I did a little thing
Fileossur, the last gladiator by Grumpy-Lion
Fileossur, the last gladiator
The last sketch was just a practice experiment before make this!
A gift for   RossCiaco, I really love his arts!
Well, as always IDK what can I say in a description but I hope Ross enjoys it

My sweet :iconkodiak079: also made this scene for the drawing

He was ready and nothing could stop him.
In this deserted arena filled with dead bodies, he waited motionless.
The silence on the skin, the mixed blood in the fertile land, hot and muggy air.
The sensations and adrenaline to the maximum.
No one dared oppose him, no one dared oppose him, no one even thought to provoke him.
The general silence was broken by the jolt of the present and of their desire to see yet another show, another massacre, another fierce battle.
Fileossur looked around.
His eyes were tired but at the same ice time, it aroused fear to anyone looking at him.
A cry went up in the air.
"There are still fun?".
Fileossur shouted staring straight at me all present.
They wanted to see him in action, fierce wanted to see him, they wanted to still have the last word.
The red dragon threw down his sword as his clothes torn and his shield, the blood was still dripping from scratches he had on the body but her skin was stubbornly tough and robust as his intentions.
There was more silence.
Fileossur grabbed a handful of soil.
"That's it?" He shouted, throwing the earth against the grandstand.
Everyone smiled and made a gesture.
A creak shook everyone.
A door was slowly opening up, in the dark behind it, two red eyes were staring as the blood red dragon and a bloodcurdling growl shook everyone.
All but Fileossur.
He grinned and grabbed the sword staring into the eyes of his opponent.
"That's it?" He repeated inwardly.
And now Fileossur was again ready to fight.

Dialogue made by :iconkodiak079:
Fileossur belongs to  RossCiaco
Art by me :icongrumpy-lion:
Okay guys, I'm just telling another personal thing about myself

This morning I had nothing to do at school so I wanted to draw while some school fellows were out for a project, I had a half hour to make something in peace but then... then the other students returned in the classroom and began to disturb making annoying noises, throwing stuff and shaking tables and chairs...

After a few of minutes one of those bullies came to me and I never saw him, I was scared because he surprised me and as voluntary reaction I gave him a headbutt.
I told him that I was sorry because I didn't expected that I hitted him but no way how many excuses I used to be forgiven, he screwed me and he also wanted to kill me for what I did
Mph... he can insults me but I don't care.
After that I saw that annoying bully still harassing one of my friends and destroying my drawings, this is unacceptable for my standards so I wanted to interrupt that acting and the bully insulted me again, he told me that after school he l'd make me have a bad time with his gang but NO MATTERS
I answered him that how small I can be... I have no fear for just one or one thousand bullies!
My school fellows told me that I was very brave to do what I did but I still don't understand how can I be proud for hitted a guy... They answered me that no one was as brave as me to hit that bully and not just make him understand that he's not the owner of our lives

I'm not afraid of big kids like that, people can hurt me and my feelings but they CAN'T HURT MY FRIENDS OR MY ART!

Sorry if you find this boring guys, I just want to say that I REALLY HATE BULLYING!!
I always was the victim since I was a little child... that made me feel bad so I was reserved and grumpy to other people, I tried to change and I'm still changing, I don't wanna hide but I would fight agains bullies, not hiding and not kicking or punching them (it was an accident what I did today)

Anyway, I'm still sorry for told you all of those boring things.
We all know that being a bully is absolutely bad, but hiding and acting like nothing happened is a worse thing!

So guys, if you read even these words I would know if you had experience with bullies or in other cases, if YOU were bullies one time :D
If you never had experience like these, you are lucky guys, really lucky


Grumpy-Lion's Profile Picture
Alessandro Tringolo
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Name: Alessandro Tringolo
Sex: male
Age: 16
hey guy I'm Grumpy-Lion, an italian furry guy who loves drawings, here I'll publish my works
Hope you like it

I actually don't do commissions
I'm open at art trades and of course you can draw me, I really like gifts

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